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Cathy Taylor 
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About  Cathy Taylor

Drawn to the world of mosaic art in 2005, I believe I have evolved from the craft of mosaics to the art of mosaics. I have studied with North American and Italian masters to learn and refine my style. 

One of the most fascinating things I find about mosaics is that the interpretation of the art form is infinite. It also allows for the use of so many beautiful and unorthodox materials as a medium.

The beauty found in nature is my inspiration. My creative process has spurred my interest in photography and my photos are taken with the intent of replicating them in a mosaic or  clay sculpture or tiles.  I enjoy the challenge of producing pieces that represent images of nature and realism, which give a sense of serenity and simplicity. My goal is to paint with glass in the style of the Impressionists, and I continue to take inspiration from my “Mosaic Idols”. Giulio Menossi, for his exacting replications of portraits, John Sollinger, for his beautiful organic landscapes, Mireille Swinnen, for her textural use of smalti, and Carol Shelkin for her creative use of colour.

I have a home based studio which is set up to accommodate working with clay and mosaics. I enjoy the diversity of going from one art form to the other. From cutting hard tessera with sharp tools to shaping malleable clay with my hands. For me, melding both of these art forms is the ultimate in satisfaction